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2020 Updated Seed-List 1.0.7 : r/Banished – Reddit

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22. jan. 2020 — I just bought this game and never knew info like this existed! I would just like to add my map seed. It was the first one that I started on and …

119 votes, 36 comments. Wow! A large heading, this post must be useful! Hi there! 🙂 So I started to play this game in early 2020. Needless to say …

[Top 10] Banished Best Seeds That Are Fun – GAMERS DECIDE

[Top 10] Banished Best Seeds That Are Fun | GAMERS DECIDE

8. sep. 2021 — This ultimate map seed includes a little bit of everything we’ve learned we love: big lakes, tiny streams, funny shapes, large valleys, and an …

What are the most fun map seeds available in Banished?

List of map seeds – Banished Wiki

This article features a collection of the best map seed for Banished. List of map seeds. Decent amount of forest coverage for an initial forest community. Lots …

Banished – The Official Best Map Seeds – Steam Community

~ The Official Best Map Seeds ~ :: Banished Generelle diskusjoner

Map seed 800000000, Large, Valleys. Lots of resources and flat land in a huge area just to the right of start position and on a river for trade and fish. Sist …

There is a good subreddit I suggest everyone checks out for good map seeds: Check out my channels too where I create some Banished content & stream it occassionally as well! Twitch Youtube Mixer DLive Here is a list of some really good ones.

Banished – Map Seed Topic – GameFAQs

Map Seed Topic – Banished

Let’s post our favorite map seeds here, guys. Map Seed: 774860322. By far the best one I’ve played. Nice little peninsula with a huge lake to the east.

For Banished on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Map Seed Topic”.

Top 6 Banished Maps and Seeds for Fishing! – Dailymotion

Banished Tips

Banished Map Seeds – Small Valleys. › User Sma on the Banished Forums automated a system of doing screen captures on hundreds of map seeds and posted them …

Tips and Tricks for the game Banished. “Everything you need to know for when you’ve been banished to a far off land”

Banished Tips

banished maps and seeds – lttlword

29. jun. 2018 — Map seeds – a set of numbers on the basis of which the Banished game creates a map. This means that when enter the same number, the same map …

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